Hotel Accommodation

We can help with any hotel accommodation requirements you may have. We have access to excellent rates with all of the major hotel groups and independenthotels in the UK and worldwide.

Group Accommodation For Exhibitions and Conferences

If you are organising a large event or attending an exhibition or conference in the UK and need to book accommodation close by, we can provide you with a free hotel reservation service. We can book a block of rooms or an allocation at the most suitable hotel/s within easy reach of any of the main exhibition and conference venues throughout the country.

Accommodation For Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions Worldwide

Through our association with Co-operative Travel, the largest independent travel retailer in the country, we have access to the best rates and the simplest reservation system for hotels throughout the world. So if you need to book rooms for a staff incentive, an overseas conference or a major exhibition at any of the main event halls around the world, we can offer you an ideal way to book those rooms at the best prices.

Just fill in our enquiry form, e-mail us or call 01420 561165 with your requirements.

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